BREAKING: Fox News Host Is DONE – He’s Not Taking It Anymore

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is done with the Biden administration and ripped into the $2 trillion infrastructure plan that President Biden seems so intent on passing.

Carlson compared the infrastructure bill to the looting and rioting by Black Lives Matter last summer, only now Biden is looting the entire country.

Carlson said, “If you dutifully watched Joe Biden sputter through his announcement of the administration’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan yesterday, you may have been left with some questions. First, and most obviously, is this really about infrastructure? Bridges, roads, airports, things we can actually use? Or is it yet another weird climate scheme/power grab/race-based redistribution plan? What exactly is this?”

As it turns out, the bill is all of the above instead of simply an infrastructure plan that most Americans agree the nation needs.

Carlson continued saying, “So 5% on infrastructure, 95% on social engineering. That’s what Joe Biden calls a once-in-a-lifetime infrastructure bill. And he is right about part of it, it is once in a lifetime if this bill passes. The next generation will live in a very different country. Taxes are going up dramatically, and they didn’t have to, actually. Tax revenues no longer fund the ambitions of our political class. Have you noticed? The Federal Reserve funds them. When politicians want something, they just print the money. It’s called Modern Monetary Theory. They’ve been doing this for years, and it’s accelerating.”

Democrats are printing money at an unprecedented rate, and this kind of legislating cannot continue for long. The system will crash, and it will devastate millions of Americans. Considering Americans really wanted President Biden, it would only be fair that we suffer our votes’ consequences.

Read the full story here.

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10 Responses

  1. I don’t trust Biden any further can throw him. He’s crooked and evil and is intent on destroying your Beautiful Country, God help us pls, we really need you now in our hour of need. In Jesus name Amen.

    1. Spot On Tucker Carlson!
      What President Biden is doing to this Country is dangerous!
      He and his Administration had better wake up and STOP him!

  2. may GOD recall bidens slim contract on life and then the ho should be impeached for her donations to free tourists from jail paying their bail. i know it would be nancy but i think the shock would do her in…….however we all must say our novenas for a respite from this thieving government we now have. they are pooping on us and rubbing our faces in it….come on man lets do something.

  3. Dear GOD, when is this insanity going to end. Why people were so ignorant and voted this treasonous demented rated criminal self serving individual as our President is beyond me. They apparently could not see through his lies.

  4. As Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona ,Nevada, & Georgia are now digging; it should be clear he was NOT elected. Nevertheless, proving it could be too long. The entire platform is under the thumb of the Communist Obama. He needs to be arrested.

  5. Makes you wonder about the stupidity of the American people when they continue to elect idiots like him, pelosi, aoc, etc.

  6. Again… I would like to thank Mike Pence, William Barr, Mitch, Romney, Lisa, Liz, Paul Ryan and the whole lot of Spineless teason ridden vermin for throwing the towel in and giving Satan and his loyal Liberal elected followers complete rein of or nation… just give it away!

  7. Uphold the Constitution. It has worked for hundreds of years perfectly. Don’t change it now. Keep America free.

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