BREAKING: Fox News Host Is DONE – Declares Time For Revolution

A Fox News host is done — he has declared that it is time for a political revolution. His controversial comments have stunned millions.

“We need to wake up,” said Steve Hilton. “We need to overturn wokeism with our own revolution. Bite it wherever you see it. Stand up to that cancel culture, call them out. They are wrong and we are right.”

It is only appropriate that the host of “The Next Revolution” on Fox News would make this declaration, and he is expressing exactly what many people are thinking — that something has to change soon.

Culturally, we are at a boiling point. The left’s “wokeism” is infecting corporations, schools, social media, and nearly every other aspect of society and it demands allegiance or else.

“Send this message to your boss, your kid’s schoolboard, everyone you know so they know we’re on to them whether they are true believers or just cult members brainwashed by Instagram posts,” Hilton continued.

The left has launched nothing short of “a hundred-year ideological war on family, faith and culture,” he said, and we have to make it clear — with our voices and vote — that this isn’t going to happen on our watch.

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28 Responses

  1. Totally agree. This is ridiculous that these “woke companies and government people” are running this country.

    It is time for our republican elected congress stands up for us!

  2. WTG!!!! Steve Hilton….absolutely 100% correct!! Time for Biden, Harris, Bernie,Pelosi, AOC and her squad, and Schumer and the rest of these lying Progressive liberals to go!

  3. If we don’t do something fast, this will make this country a communist country !! We will lose our freedoms if we don’t do something!!

  4. Steve is absolutely spot on! The actions of a growing number are destroying our country and it is time for the millions of patriots to say enough!

  5. Those people sound like they are from another world They have lost their minds. We need to maintain our sanity.

  6. I’m ready to fight !!!!! But here’s the thing this whole woke charade is to deflect what’s really happening!!!!!! I suspected all along but now a document has come out everyone needs to see !!!! Basically this whole Covid scamdemic is in full swing !!!!! It’s not about the flu it’s about the vaccine which is a depopulation most of the people that took the vaccine will be dead in a year!!!! Watch ALEX JONES/ EMERGENCY BROADCAST before it’s taken down!!! Documents called SPARS 2025-2028 Supposed to be a training exercise that were living thru right now word for word !!!

  7. We must be aware of the casualties of the Hitler mentality and resist all restraints of the liberal propaganda. Hitler and his followers almost destroyed the world. Sever Million of the Jewish faith and millions of others.

  8. Apathy is our greatest enemy. Stand up people. Don’t be cowed by these anarchists. Ya’ll won’t like what we end up with if they prevail with their plans.

  9. Yes your right Chuck ya please if you haven’t taken the vaccine please don’t because what Chuck just wrote is True..

  10. I’m not a big proponent of military takeovers. but compared to what we have in charge of our country now, anything would be better. In just 3 months the Democrats have divided our people laid waste to our country. It won’t survive another 45 months of Democrat insanity.

  11. A good idea….call your local school board and any other local entity that might give in to the leftist woke ideas. Lets inundate our local institutions.

  12. I agree. We can’t allow our country to become another third world country. Stop communism from taking over our values as Americans!

  13. I agree! Please, we need some direction as to how we can be effective legally. A few voices here and there won’t carry enough weight. There has to be enough organization.

  14. I have been saying for some time that the GOP had to learn how to fight and fight dirty. They fought Trump every step of the way, they didn’t care what they were saying was true or not. If there was something they didn’t like they would find some idiot judge to stop it. Do the same thing. Don’t worry if it’s politically correct, don’t worry if it’s mean. Fight for our country or get out. Organize peaceful protests country wide, I bet will we would get protesters by the millions.

  15. Everyone on here agrees that something needs to be done. Who will lead the charge? who will be the first? It is good that we the people are full of all this BS that’s being put out by the democrats. Again I ask, who will lead the charge.
    ”We can march on the Capitol grounds, raise our hands making a fist.”
    We can write all the letters that we want, make phone calls to our Congresspeople. Will this help? Who knows? Come 2022 vote out all those that do nothing for We the people of the United States of America.
    Something needs to be done, time is running out.
    As always, ”an old man told you this”

  16. The first important need is to amend the Constitution and limit terms !
    We Americans should make a list of the House Representatives & Senators who do not support Term Limits and if they do not vote in favor of Term Limits, they should be eliminated from Office, whatever it takes.
    I do not own a gun but have realized Biden and the Democrats want to in time, take away Americans rights, then physically take all guns away.
    It is time to take our country back ! GOD BLESS AMERICA !

  17. Your all right. Also consider this that those in office now have been accomplices to the BLM RIOTS BOTH BURNING BUSSINESSES AND KILLINGS. They
    Have to be stopped Now.
    It is them, that are starting a revolution, not us but
    We can and will finish it.

  18. Everyone who has family and friends in the military should contact them and ask them this simple question , will you obey your oaths that you swore or are you going to follow orders even when they go against your sworn oath of office ?
    that question was sent to all law enforcement agencies in the United States back when Bill Clinton
    Ran for president .they were talking about disarming American citizens then.

  19. I cannot believe how the Republicans have become such wimps ! ! ! Just look at what has happened to AMERICA since Trump was (illegally) removed from office . . . . . And millions of Americans just let it happen . . . And wake up people . . . . UNLESS SOMETHING IS DONE IMMEDIATELY, America will be completely destroyed. A big revolt is becoming a necessity to save our Country ! ! ! Can you even imagine what the liberals are doing to these children . . . Think for a moment how you would feel if these were your children . . . And to have Biden (who has a full case of dementia) in control ? ? ? ? The whole situation is SICK. And we are allowing this to take place !

  20. January 6 was a good start but we need a full blown revolution to oust those who are destroying this beautiful country,

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