BREAKING: Fox News Host Gives Notice – It’s Time

A popular Fox News host just gave notice on national television. Millions of people are stunned, but now is the time to move forward. This is how it’s done.

Steve Hilton, the host of ‘The Next Revolution,’ called for Senate Republicans to launch an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, by extension.

“How much U.S. taxpayer money went to Ukrainian gas company Burisma while your son Hunter was on the board and you sent billions of dollars to Ukraine’s energy industry?” asked Hilton.

He continued: “You said you didn’t know about your son ties to Burisma but last year, he said he told you. So who’s lying, you or your son?”

With the impeachment farce all but over, it is imperative that the Biden family’s ties to Burisma, the Ukrainian energy firm, are investigated. Hunter, after all, sat on the company’s board.

Yet Joe Biden admitted to withholding a billion dollars in aid from Ukraine in order to bully the Ukrainian government into firing its top prosecutor, who had investigated Burisma for corruption.

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