BREAKING: Fox News Host Gets Shocking Update – NSA Surveillance Bombshell

Andrew Weissman is most well-known for being the lead prosecuter for former special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe.

Now, he’s also known for calling Tucker Carlson ‘Anti-American’ for questioning being spied on by the NSA.

According to Weissman, Tucker’s only solution to the problem of being spied on by the NSA was to quietly approach the attorney general and lodge a complaint.

Weissmann said, “If you think about what Tucker Carlson could have done here, he could have followed the same route that “The New York Times” and other respected journalists did when they were incidentally overheard and may have, in fact, not been incidentally had their call records obtained by the Department of Justice. They could have gone to the attorney general, and Tucker Carlson could have joined them to say what I’m concerned about here is not that there was incidental collection when I am calling a foreigner, including if you try to reach out to Vladimir Putin, you can pretty much be sure you’re going to be high risk of being intercepted.”

“He could have said, look, there’s a First Amendment issue, and I want to be sure there are safeguards, but he didn’t take that route. He did, as you said, and as frank pointed out, he wanted to use this for his own purposes and to sow distrust which is so anti-American. Instead of raising a legitimate issue about safeguards in the system when you’re dealing with journalists to make sure that this is not something that senior officials in the department are making sure this was done responsibly.”

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13 Responses

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  3. More corruption everyday. Andrew is a known liar and should have been disbarred years ago. He is the un-American traitor.

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  5. Going quietly to the attorney general and saying Tucker has a concern. How did that work out for others whether or not the AG is democrat or republican. It is easy to see Andrew is a corrupt democrat who would love to see his victim come to the AG and get arrested for anything the crooked AG can dream up. By the way, being in charge of a major investigation costing 30 million of taxpayer money when Andrew knew the results from the beginning doesn’t give Andrew any believability. Andrew has a lot of gall telling Tucker what to do when Andrew’s legal workings were crooked, if at the least misleading the public. Tucker did right and he did it in the open to end any way the FBI could come after him for reporting the situation.

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  8. Weissman is a hack that should have been disbarred after the Enron afair where he lied to the judge and charged people of crimes that didn’t exist.

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