BREAKING: Fox News Host FINISHED – Not Taking It Any More

A popular Fox News host is completely finished. He isn’t taking it anymore — the far-left has gone too far and he just made the truth known.

“Nancy Pelosi has just destroyed separation of powers by the use of the impeachment power this way, she has destroyed separation of powers,” said Mark Levin during an interview with Sean Hannity this week.

Levin said Pelosi is guilty of “attacking our Constitution” by pushing a snap impeachment of President Donald Trump. Democrats failed to present evidence that Trump incited the Capitol riot.

Furthermore, since Trump won’t be in the White House once the Senate trial begins, Democrats have set up another constitutional dilemma. Levin explained it all perfectly.

“And no, you cannot hold a trial against a private citizen or pursue a former president now private citizen under the impeachment clause that was never intended,” said Levin.

Should the Democrats pursue a Senate trial and convict Trump — even though he won’t in office — you can bet that Trump will bring a lawsuit all the way to the Supreme Court. There’s no way it would be upheld as constitutional.

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