BREAKING: Fox News Host Exposes Sex Act Scandal – Fans Stunned

Tucker Carlson, the conservative firebrand host on Fox News, called out the media for its “coverage” of Joe Biden’s recent congressional address. And when Carlson did it, he used the most…colorful… of metaphors.

After playing glowing clips of mainstream media personalities fawning over Biden’ speech, Carlson explained that their coverage was hardly coverage at all, but rather the kind of desperate adulation one might expect from pre-pubescent teens hoping to steal a glance from the high school homecoming king.

Carlson didn’t hold back:

Wait a second. Was that the President of the United States talking? No, that’s what you thought. In fact, it was Jesus in aviator glasses. What Joe Biden said last night was beautiful. Beautiful. It was intimate. Grandfatherly. Indeed, Rooseveltian.

Joe Biden spoke to the soul of America. He connected with people who didn’t even deserve to be connected with. Hopeless sinners, redeemed by his voice alone — a voice that is not, and we want to be clear about this, the fading monotone of a 78-year-old man who is losing his grip. No, it’s not.

Joe Biden’s voice modulates. It has the capacity to change pitch in a way that is — and we’re quoting now — “rather extraordinary.”

And so on, we could keep going with this, if we wanted — cable news is a rich vein — but we’ll stop now and return to reality.

A powerful politician gave a speech about how he plans to change your life. So, we feel obligated to tell you what he said and not simply commit a series of symbolic sex acts upon him.

So what did Biden actually say? Well, he said that people who disagree with him are terrorists, they are more dangerous than the jihadists who destroyed the World Trade Center.


And Carlson isn’t wrong. The media is pushing Biden harder than a street corner dealer selling bad weed. And they are being more obvious about it.

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