BREAKING: Fox News Host Drops Rittenhouse Bombshell – It’s Over

Fox News host and conservative talker Mark Levin is known for delivering the fire on air, and he recently did jut that regarding the Kenosha, Wisconsin trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, who is on trial for homicide.

“Levin argued the prosecutor should face repercussions for his behavior in the courtroom. He also took issue with the way some in the media have covered the trial,” reported Breitbart News.

Levin began, “I think as a people we have to conclude that the media in America today are racist, they are corrupt and they are evil. They have no intention of reporting the news. They have no intention of seeking to be objective or impartial. We have seen that for years now. And the American people hold the media in this country in contempt.”

“And more and more of this is going on, they are mainstreaming bigotry,” Levin continued. “When you see the way they treated the Lieutenant Governor-elect Winsome Sears, the things they said about her, if it was a white person talking about a black person, they would be banned and they should be banned.”

He nailed issue after issue in his lengthy monologue, eventually visiting the Rittenhouse trial for a moment.

“Even tonight, in Kenosha, the police are preparing for possible violence if the — if the jury doesn’t rule the way the mob wants them the rule…This kid went on the stand, and he defended himself. He defended his freedom, and he was superb. If you’re guilty as hell, trust me, you’re not going to go on that stand, and he withstood the lies and the attacks by the prosecutor, trying to trick him. He’s 18 years old.

He was absolutely outstanding. He defended himself. If this kid hadn’t shot Rosenbaum, he’d be dead. If this kid hadn’t shot Huber, he’d be dead. If this kid hadn’t shot Grosskreutz, he’d be dead,” said Levin.

“The issue is whether this Kyle Rittenhouse, this young man had a right to defend himself? And the answer is absolutely yes,” concluded Levin. “It’s not that the prosecution was incompetent. They were politically motivated. They did not have a case. That’s why they resorted to violating the Constitution and the judge’s orders, and that’s why this prosecutor’s ass should be in front of an ethics committee in the Supreme Court of Wisconsin. That’s it.”

To read the complete transcript from Levin, click here.

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