BREAKING: Fox News Host Drops Mental Health Bombshell – Biden Is…

A Fox News host just dropped a mental health bombshell and President Joe Biden was named. He is going down fast. This is stunning.

“My question, is that helpful to be sending out a tweet questioning President Biden’s mental faculties?” obnoxiously asked Chris Wallace to Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX). Wallace is batting for the left again.

Cornyn explained to Wallace that he was using “a quote from a Politico story that I pasted into a tweet, and then I simply asked a question.” He actually wasn’t questioning Biden’s mental fitness.

Let’s be honest, though: there’s plenty of reason to do so. However, Cornyn was simply trying “to reconcile the rhetoric with the reality” when it comes to Biden.

He discussed how Biden talked about unity during his inauguration on Jan. 20 and also pointed to his long career as a U.S. senator. The difference between then and now couldn’t be starker.

Now, instead of at least attempting negotiation, Biden is “jamming through $1.9 trillion of spending bills.” Cornyn’s full tweet can be found here, in which he asked, “Is he really in charge?” Wallace should think twice before trying to tussle with Cornyn.

Read the full story here.

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  1. Chris Wallace, look at a clip from the debates and compare Biden to then and now. There is a noticeable difference., He is declining fast.

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