BREAKING: Fox News Host Drops Hammer on Joe Biden’s Secret [Developing]

Fox News contributor and legal scholar Jonathan Turley said Monday that President Joe Biden was “arguably the most anti-free speech president since John Adams.”

Turley’s comments were a reaction to Biden’s creation of a Disinformation Governance Board which will function under the Department of Homeland Security.

He also thought Biden’s choice of the board head was suspect, characterizing Nina Jankowicz “one of the most outspoken critics of free speech.”

“That’s what’s so troubling when the secretary says she has a long background here,” he said, referring to DHS Secretary Alexandro Mayorkas’s announcement of the board and its leader. “Well, it’s the wrong background. It’s like saying a book burner has a background in literacy. Yeah, he works with books, but that’s not the background you’re looking for.”

Turley said he thinks the administration will try to “minimize” the board so people don’t notice what it’s doing.

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