BREAKING: Fox News Host Drops FBI SHOCKER – Donald Trump Stunned

As the media elites and the ‘woke’ left pummel Donald Trump over the events of January 6, a new report is coming out that America needs to see.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson observed “it is remarkable what we still don’t know about what actually took place that day.”

But Carlson went on to argue there is a disturbing reason for this.

Until this Monday night, for example, when it was reported by Revolver News, we had no idea that at least 20 organizers and participants in the events at the Capitol have not been indicted, despite the nationwide dragnet for people who were there. This is interesting. The government knows exactly who these people are, but has refused to charge them with crimes. Why is that? Well, because it seems like they may have had some connection to the government. Some of the people who broke into the Capitol committed crimes while inside and encouraged others to do the same appear to have been in contact with the FBI before the event.

Carlson then dropped the bombshell:

The events of January 6 that you keep hearing about endlessly, events that Democrats in Congress describe as an act of war carried out by white supremacists, as dangerous and historically significant as Pearl Harbor and 9/11, those events apparently were at least in part organized and carried out in secret by people connected to federal law enforcement.

It’s hard to think of a bigger potential scandal than this one.

Now, it’s clear why the government won’t release more than 14,000 hours of surveillance footage shot at the Capitol that day. People they know are on the tape.

To read more about this story and to hear more of the evidence from Carlson, click here.

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8 Responses

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  8. Nothing, and I mean nothing the Biden administration could do at this point would shock or surprise me. Just my opinion but I have felt this was spearheaded by the BLM or the DNC all along. Just a simple case of what ever it takes to take the focus off Biden and the DNC theft of votes. No morals what so ever. NONE!

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