BREAKING: Fox News Host Drops Disgusting Bombshell – Fans Shocked

A popular Fox News host just dropped a “disgusting” bombshell. Millions of fans across the nation are shocked — they are outraged by the news.

John Cena, the wrestler-turned-actor, has apologized for saying that Taiwan is a country during a press tour for his new movie. Why? Well, it really ticked off China. Tucker Carlson rightly called Cena’s apology “disgusting.”

Carlson said that while Cena was promoting his new movie, the 9th installment in the long-running Fast and the Furious series, “he announced Taiwan is the first country that can watch F-9.”

“That seems harmless, but from the Chinese perspective, it is not allowed,” said Carlson. “So as punishment John Cena was instructed to go on Weibo and grovel in Chinese for forgiveness. It’s disgusting.”

Speaking in Mandarin, Cena said that he was “sorry for my mistake.” This is what happens when you offend the Chinese powers that be — you have to “grovel in Chinese for forgiveness,” said Carlson.

Let’s get something clear: Taiwan is a country and China has no claim over it whatsoever. Only ‘woke’ Hollywood actors seem to think that apologizing to China is the right way to go.

Read the full story here.

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  1. Some may “feel” that Taiwan is not a country; they think only with 1/2 of their brain. What they “think” or “feel” has nothing to do with reality.

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