BREAKING: Fox News Host Drops Bombshell – Wallace Is Done

The controversial Fox News host just dropped a bombshell on national television. Chris Wallace is done as loyal viewers are abandoning the network by the millions.

Wallace, mocking Sen. Tex Cruz (R-TX), likened him to a Japanese soldier during World War II who comes “out 30 years after the war” and asks, “Is the fight still going on?” It is clear Wallace is done giving both sides a fair shot.

Cruz is simply defending President Donald Trump’s legal right to contest the 2016 election, given the alleged irregularities that have occurred. But Wallace and Fox News have obviously decided they would rather fall in line with the liberal media.

This is why the network is reportedly losing legions of fans to Newsmax TV and One America News Network — because Wallace and others haven’t presented a balanced viewpoint for months. It is truly sad.

Wallace even praised Republican turncoat Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT). “A very few of them have said, look, you pursue your legal options, but, you know, damn down the rhetoric, like Mitt Romney,” he said.

Fox News needs to decide if it is going to be a network that gives all viewpoints a balanced take or go the direction of CNN and MSNBC. After all, if Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity weren’t on the network, conservatives would abandon it entirely.

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