BREAKING: Fox News Host DONE – Fans Stunned

A week after the riot at the Capitol, Tucker Carlson said he was disgusted with how Democrats and the media were using the violence to get more control over the government.

Carlson reiterated his view that the violence was wrong and should be punished, and then added that violence wasn’t the only thing Republicans were against. “We’re also against lying,” Carlson said. “Political propaganda is its own form of violence it. Destroys people’s minds. In the end, it enslaves them.”

“You can judge for yourself what happened last Wednesday in Washington . . . . You know what that was, and you also know what it wasn’t. It was not an act of racism. It was not an insurrection. It wasn’t an armed invasion by a brigade of dangerous white supremacists. It wasn’t. Those are lies.”

Carlson said Democrats and the media were demanding that people believe the lies because they thought it would give them more power.

“Something bad has happened therefore you have to hand the worst people in the world the keys to your life. See how that works?” he said.

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