BREAKING: Fox News Host Discovers Biden Scandal – Nation Stunned

Not for the first time, Fox News host Tucker Carlson alleged that President Joe Biden is allowing record amounts of illegal immigration into the country intentionally, in order to effect what he calls the “great replacement” of those whose ancestors lived here for generations with those who are newly arrived from the Third World.

“No sane first-world nation opens its borders to the world, promising the poorest people on the planet that they can have endless free taxpayer-funded services if they show up and break your laws,” he said. “That’s not just stupid, it’s suicidal.”

Carlson also said the health care system as we knew it is over because “our system cannot handle this many destitute newcomers.”

“What Joe Biden is doing now will change this country forever,” he added, and gave as the reason why, “to change the racial mix of the country.”

“No one who talks like this should ever be the President of the United States,” Carlson concluded after a clip of Biden saying non-white DNA was America’s strength. “The President of the United States has a moral obligation to represent all Americans equally, not just those of a specific color.”

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