BREAKING: Fox News Host DEATH Announcement Shocks Nation [Details]

The Left called the American Dream “dead” and Fox host Jesse Watters was not having it.

Watters asked if it is racism holding Americans back or if it’s the Democrats.

“If the Democrat Party is the home of Black Americans, has the Democrat Party failed them?” Watters asked.

“And is racism just an excuse for the Democrats’ failure? Democrats still run out in front of the camera every week to brag about everything they do for the Black community. What exactly is it that they’re doing and is it working?” Watters continued.

“Democrats put the first Black woman on the Supreme Court, and that’s a big milestone that we can all appreciate. But Democrats also blocked who would have been the first Black woman on the Supreme Court, Janice Rogers Brown, when Bush tried to elevate her, because she was a Republican. So their intentions aren’t pure,” he said.

Then he dropped the bomb.

“The one guy who presided over a significant change was called racist by Democrats every day. Donald Trump unleashed the economy, resulting in record-low Black poverty rates, record-low Black unemployment and huge income gains for Black Americans pre-COVID. Not to mention, authorizing hundreds of millions of dollars to historically Black colleges — something the Democrats didn’t get done. But Democrats, you see, they yell louder, and they yell scarier stuff, like, “If you don’t vote for us, Republicans are going to put you back in chains.”

Watters went on to say the American Dream is still very much alive and the Democrats are the ones holding Americans back from it.

To read the full transcript of Watters’ comments, click here.

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