BREAKING: Fox News Host Confirms Worst Rumors – Fans In SHOCK

Tucker Carlson said Monday on his Fox News show that the Biden administration needed to disarm the Taliban before it worried about disarming its own people.

He noted that the U.S. left $90 billion in military equipment behind, including more than 350,000 American rifles, 126,000 handguns, and approximately 64,000 heavy machine guns.

U.S. taxpayers funded this arsenal that is now in the hands of a terrorist group that has vowed to target Americans.

Carlson said Americans need to tell Biden “no” about disarming them or adding new gun control restrictions, given what it allowed the Taliban to have.

“Not one more word about gun control from these people until they get back every single rifle from Kandahar. That is the rule,” he said.

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  4. Biden and his staff could care less about what they left behind !!! That bumbling old fool and his administration is giving away America one piece at a time !!! This is not going to be a nation of “We The People” much longer – the handwriting is on the wall – LOOK AT IT !!!

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