BREAKING: Fox News Host Confirms Worst Fears – Fans FURIOUS

Fox News host Tucker Carlson accused some in the left-wing media of “worshipping” infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci on his show Monday night.

“Little could he have known, back in 1958, that public health would become America’s reigning religion, and he, its High Priest,” he said of Fauci’s time as a student at Holy Cross in Massachusetts. “Here is a guy who fully expected to spend his life giving prostate exams and there he was declaring the ancient Christian calendar null and void.”

Carlson pointed out that some on the left already hated Christmas’s religious observances, so they were thrilled to see Fauci “cancel” Christmas like the Grinch he has shown himself to be.

“What you’re seeing here is Washington’s new religion, it’s Fauciism,” Carlson declared. “He is Jesus with better shoes.”

Interestingly enough, Fauci walked back his comments on Christmas the next day and said people should have a normal holiday.

Read the full story here.

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11 Responses

  1. Tucker Keeps getting better and better. I know a lot of Holy Cross Grads and
    They all love America and the positive influences their education have shown
    brightly. Tucker is very similar in many ways having Graduated from Trinity.
    Fauci’s time has come and past He has become the face of Mandates and
    revels in his Wuhan Heaven.

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  2. He won’t spoil Christmas for me or my family or friends. I’ve had my booster and and so has my family and if not there two shots, so get off your hi horse be for u brake your neck, oh wait a min go ahead and brake it.

    1. Are you sure your people are telling the truth? If you’ve had the shots, what are you so afraid of from those who haven’t? You are truly a fool who will jump off a bridge if told to. Oh… wait a minute, you already have!

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  7. I want to see Fauci walk on saline solution and calm the storm!! And maybe Biden will join him and fall in because of his lack of faith?? Well, the storm, no doubt, is coming….so everyone get ready and set your sails!! Hoping justice will be paid for all the pain they are causing.

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