BREAKING: Fox News Host Confirms Troubling Rumors – Viewers Stunned…

Howard Kurtz has had enough slander about his network Fox News and his colleague Tucker Carlson.

Carlson did NOT cause the Buffalo shooting. An extremely sick individual carried out the Buffalo shooting.

Liberals are literally claiming that Fox News and Tucker are to blame for the killings.

If you think Tucker ever WANTED this to happen, you might be just as messed up as the shooter.

Saying Tucker WANTED this is dangerous, and Kurtz has had enough.

“The murder of 10 innocent people in Buffalo is utterly heartbreaking in so many ways — all victims of a suspect whose writing reeks of racism, antisemitism, and a twisted mind,” Kurtz began. “But what I also find troubling, and I have been talking about this for decades, is the knee-jerk partisanship with which pundits and politicians on the left and sometimes the right respond to mass shootings. President Clinton blamed the Oklahoma City bombing in part on Rush Limbaugh. Liberal pundits, and later The New York Times, blamed a mass shooting in Tucson on a Sarah Palin political map that the gunman never even saw. But when a liberal Bernie Sanders supporter, a Rachel Maddow fan, wounded Steve Scalise and others five years ago at a Republican congressional baseball practice, the media didn’t blame Maddow or left-wing philosophy, and they shouldn’t have. Yet, after mostly black shoppers were gunned down in that Buffalo supermarket, people who don’t like this network or compete with this network unleashed this constant barrage — it’s partially Fox’s fault.”

He then addressed Carlson specifically:

“A chief target has been Tucker Carlson. Now, his comments on immigration and politics and those of anyone at this network are, of course, fair game for public debate, but blaming him for the shooting is absurd. The latest case of a blood-on-your-hands approach to finger-pointing, even if you’re Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer trying to score political points by attacking Fox. And by the way, there’s nothing in the suspect’s hundreds of rambling pages that indicates he has ever watched one minute of Fox News.”

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