BREAKING: Fox News Host Confirms Stunning Rumor – Viewers Shocked…

Fox News host Mark Levin blasted the January 6 committee Thursday on Hannity, saying that it was a “railroad job” and that “nothing” was learned from it because they were trying to pursue their narrative rather than the truth.

“It’s funny. They say Trump didn’t respond quickly enough on January 6, but he did respond on January 6, and here we have the axis of evil — Biden, Schumer and Pelosi — who still haven’t responded to an assassination plot against the Supreme Court justice,” he pointed out.

“You learn nothing. This isn’t a pursuit of the truth,” he said, and went on to give examples.

One was a letter from a U.S. Attorney in Philadelphia saying that he had received election fraud complaints in 2020, but that he was told by U.S. Attorney General William Barr to keep quiet about them and report them to the state attorney general, a Democrat who buried them.

No one challenged Barr’s testimony to the committee that he didn’t have any evidence of voter fraud, Levin said, which showed that the whole committee process was biased and one-sided, Levin concluded

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