BREAKING: Fox News Host Confirms Rumors – Kamala Harris Is Not…

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce reacted to Vice President Kamala Harris’s claim that her biggest mistake as Vice President was not “traveling enough.”

Bruce commented that the Vice President’s insane claim is simply more evidence that the White House is in a state of chaos and they are “still scrambling” to salvage their public image.

Vice President Harris has been such a disaster in her short time in office, and for her to claim that not traveling enough is her biggest problem is beyond insulting.

The Vice President has most definitely done her fair share of travel. Vice President Harris’s trip to South America allowed Americans to get a good view of just how incompetent the Vice President was at her job.

Since the Vice President’s trip to South America, the Biden administration has kept Vice President Harris hidden away from the public to avoid further controversy.

It has gotten to the point that every public appearance that Vice President Harris makes has become a public relations nightmare for the Biden administration. One thing we know for sure, the White House is definitely scrambling to deal with the Vice President’s latest mess.

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