BREAKING: Fox News Host Confirms Rumors – Joe Biden Can’t …

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson confirmed that President Joe Biden is willing to inject divisive politics into any area of American life. The latest victim of politicization is Major League Baseball.

Carlson said, “What do you call a system in which all the major, all the really important decisions are made by big companies without any reference at all to what voters want? Well, that is not democracy. It is corporatocracy, and it is starting to look a lot like what we have now. Here’s the latest example. Major League Baseball announced today it is pulling two of the biggest events in sports, the all-star game and the MLB draft out of the State of Georgia.”

Thanks to pressure from Joe Biden and the Democrat party, MLB has taken a political stance and engaged in politics. Democrats know this will damage one of America’s most beloved pastimes, and yet they don’t care.

Carlson continued, “Now, baseball was supposed to be America’s pastime — happy, unifying; fundamentally, non-political, so it is strange to see this happen. How did we get here? It’s not at all complicated. We have a new President now, and that President is willing to destroy even something as wholesome as the country’s traditional game purely to increase the power of his political party.”

Baseball has been in a difficult spot for years and has lagged behind its competition in the NFL. They can’t afford to go woke, especially on an issue that an overwhelming majority of Americans oppose them on.

Major League Baseball’s decision to alienate over half of their audience to curry favor with the Democrat party is a terrible decision. There will be no escape for Americans before long, and division will be present in every pastime that Americans used to enjoy.

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