BREAKING: Fox News Host Confirms Rumors – Health Crisis Shocks Fans

Fox News host Sean Hannity just confirmed shocking news like on the air.

While discussing Biden’s refusal to address the quagmire at the border, Hannity called the migration surge a “national security crisis and a health crisis.”

“Make no mistake, the Biden administration does not have compassion for the American people,” said Hannity. “They do not have compassion for migrants. they are not transparent, they are not fair, and they don’t give one rip about unity.”

The Biden Administration has refused to let press observe the conditions within the migrant housing centers while instituting guidelines forcing ICE to virtually release or ignore illegal immigrants coming across the border.

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3 Responses

  1. Our government is covering up for the communist democratic party this is the most destructive government we have ever had. They wont do what is right They let Muslim trash in to our country ,fill all the states with mooching illegals that drain our resources. Defund our militaries. Take and make deals with china. a congress and supreme court that go’s against the American people. Do away with our history and destroy our youths brains this sick . I’m afraid that America will fall with idiots like Biden

  2. The courts are releasing BLM and Antifa scum back on the streets They should put them in jail for 99 years. They are worst than then KKK

  3. I hope someone wakes up the American People. I am too old to fight in a civil war which will come if the conditions happening to day are not altered or changed appropriately. One party dictatorial rule is not working for me and many others. I doubt the good Democrats have not seen this coming and should be as appalled as I am after 70 years of a government that was based on the individual to strive and get ahead with few restrictions. Now we have a dictator claiming his way is better making decisions unilateral to harm the other party and instead is hurting the country.

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