BREAKING: Fox News Host Confirms Rumors – Fans STUNNED

It’s true. The coronavirus lockdown are killing small business in an unjust way, according to Fox News host, Jeanine Pirro.

Pirro first blasted Congress’ inaction and ineptitude. “Since this coronavirus hit our shores, we’ve looked to Congress for action. Yet their inaction, their feeble attempt to come out and look like they’re going to help us is as transparent and useless as they are,” said Pirro.

Then Pirro noted how the lockdowns have been unjust for small businesses:

As Democrats look to crush small business, Target, Costco, Home Depot, and Amazon and the Big Box companies, they are all thriving. Small businesses selling the same items are not allowed to open. But you keep saying listen to the science. What science? Where are the numbers that support the closing of all restaurants in New York, New Jersey and California when there is only a 1.4 percent COVID spread?

Where is the small business justice? Where is the right to the pursuit of happiness? Where is the right of the little man to compete in this country?

Why is McDonald’s allowed to open, but not my neighborhood burger joint? You say the drive-thru is safe. Tell me about the guy who hands me the French fries through the window, did he touch his hands to his glasses? His apron, to the person’s hands before me?

Pirro pointed out that the bulk of the aid went to foreign countries while local Democrats violate their own restrictions.

To read more about her statement, click here.

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