BREAKING: Fox News Host Confirms Fears – This Isn’t Good…

Fox News host Mark Levin dropped the hammer on President Joe Biden calling him the “James Buchanan of our times.”

Levin made the comment after a press conference given by President Joe Biden marking his first year in office.

“Levin gave Biden very low marks and compared him to two of his predecessors, former Presidents John Tyler and James Buchanan, regarded by some as the worst president in American history,” reports Breitbart News.

“But anyway,” Levin said, “here’s the thing, president’s exactly right. What he said about Russia — you know, Putin might act and so forth, that was an incredibly provocative statement. It was outrageous. Putin’s watching this too, and he’s just and he says he’s made enormous progress more than any president in history this time.”

“The hell is he talking about?” Levin scoffed. “He’s the John Tyler of our time, the James Buchanan of our time. More progress? You know what’s made the most progress? The regime in Iran, the regime in North Korea, the regime in China, the regime in Russia, they’re making a hell of a lot of progress.”

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