BREAKING: Fox News Host Confirms Fans’ Fears – It’s Official…

Fox News host Howard Kurtz confirmed Americans’ fears that things are getting worse than ever in the Biden administration, and no one outside of conservative circles is willing to talk about it.

During Friday’s broadcast of “America Reports,” Kurtz said, “For the pundits to say that Joe Biden had a bad week, I think is actually giving him a pass. He has been on a spectacular losing streak since the Afghanistan debacle, more unforced errors than Novak Djokovic in Australia. So, for even sympathetic journalists and commentators to say, rough period or tough week shows they can’t spin it, that they can’t even pretend that this president is doing well right now.”

President Biden has had a bad year, and as much as that may help Republicans, this is terrible news for America.

Under President Biden’s watch, Russia and China are getting stronger, and America’s interests are being degraded.

Kurtz continued saying, “What a difference a year makes after all the he’s the next FDR hype. But let’s look at the two biggest failures, with the exception of the genuine win on infrastructure: First, you had the president pushing this $3.5 trillion liberal wishlist spending bill that Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin were never going to along with even half of that level. And you mentioned the fiery speech in Georgia, comparing opponents of voting rights legislation to Bull Connor and George Wallace.”

President Biden is an absolute disaster and he is causing real damage to our interests abroad and empowering our enemies. It is long past time for Republicans to consider pursuing impeachment as soon as they gain power.

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