BREAKING: Fox News Host Confirms DC Rumors – Fans In Shock

Fox News host Tucker Carlson confirmed the insane reports coming out of the nation’s capital. Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has banned dancing at weddings in what is perhaps the most absurd measure taken to combat the coronavirus.

Tucker Carlson slammed Bowser for her “irrational” approach to public health during the Thursday segment of his show.

Carlson began his monologue by saying, “So let’s say you want to get married in Washington, D.C. You can do that. The authorities will allow it, but let’s say you have a couple of drinks and want to move your feet. You can’t do that, because in Washington, D.C., there is no dancing. That’s according to the City’s Mayor, Muriel Bowser.”

After playing a video clip of Mayor Bowser explaining the ban, Carlson continued saying, “So when you might ask did Muriel Bowser become an Ayatollah and in charge of whether you can dance or not? Muriel Bowser is one of the least impressive, most irrational political leaders in the history of the country.”

Mayor Bowser’s decision to enact such a draconian rule results from the crusade by Democrats to keep the public in fear when it comes to the coronavirus.

As the years go by, Americans cannot forget the irrational and insane decisions that were made by the likes of Muriel Bowser. These people are not acting in good faith and only want to maintain power.

Read the full story here.

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10 Responses

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  2. The gig is up and has been for awhile now… Americans know this virus was a planned corrupt event for the “Evil” Administration !!! To destroy America for their agenda !! We know that Trump won the election !!! “We know about their Genocide on human life !!!! What does it take a brick to hit u in the head !!! We need to make citizen arrests !!!! We’re done with the lies and corruption…noone being held accountable !!!! “We are united to put an end to” Lucifer” !!! “God is the only God ” !!!!

  3. Shelly, your statement is timely and well said. Good people must demand stopping the insane nonsense pushing by the leftist globalists.

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  5. Lets see, control the education system, control the media, control what you eat, control where you travel, control your activities, control religion, control what you read, control all internet……sounds a lot like Hitlers Germany.

  6. This is absolutely ridiculous. Another democrat overstepping their authority. SURPRISED? NO.

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