BREAKING: Fox News Host Confirms Biden War Secret – America SHOCKED

Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted the Biden administration for economic policies that have led to unimaginable inflation.

Carlson said while the Russian invasion of Ukraine is “bad,” it was not why gas prices were as high as they were.

Carlson added that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is not to blame, despite what White House Press Secretary said.

“You wonder if looking backward many years from right now, historians will notice the remarkable coincidence in timing. Have you noticed? Here it is,” Carlson said.

“At exactly the moment when the emergency powers they awarded to themselves to fight COVID started to wane, our leaders began pushing for conflict with Russia, and then on the basis of that conflict, they assumed historic war powers,” Carlson added.

After a lengthy monologue reaming the Biden administration, Carlson added:

“What does this tell you? It tells you that the loser in this policy is not Vladimir Putin, he is the winner. It’s the United States, and it is not just oil. Thanks to the Biden administration’s mismanagement, commodities across the board are up dramatically — potash fertilizers, wheat, huge. Nickel went up 250 percent in two days. Who’s going to pay for all this? You are.”

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