BREAKING: Fox News Host BOMBSHELL – Serial Predator Exposed…

Judge Jeanine Pirro went after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) and exposed his behavior as that of a serial predator.

On Friday’s broadcast of “Fox & Friends,” Pirro said, “Look, here is the bottom line — he is your classic serial predator. He starts by grooming these victims, and we know of three so far. I guarantee you there are more and more of them.”

Cuomo’s closet seems to hold a host of skeletons, and it is long past time that the embattled governor resigns and possibly even face criminal prosecution for his actions.

Judge Pirro continued saying, “And with respect to the other victims, in this case, he said he never touched anyone in a way that was unwanted. The picture of that girl, the young woman who’s on the front page of the Post, she was petrified as he’s biting his lip, holding on to her face telling her he wants to kiss her. This guy is an out-of-control sexual serial predator. He’s got to be taken out of Albany, and the sooner that happens, the better.”

It certainly seems that Judge Pirro nailed the issue right on the head; Governor Cuomo has to go. However, it cannot be forgotten that Cuomo’s bad behavior is not the real reason he must go.

More and more information is emerging that Cuomo’s decisions as governor killed thousands of nursing home patients during the pandemic. Cuomo’s bad behavior is not even a problem when the thousands of dead New Yorkers are accounted for.

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3 Responses

  1. Andrew Cuomo, Will you please go now? W don’t dare how, Just take a bow. Ride a cow. How about going in a boat? Or on a goat? You could go on a float! You could float away on a moat! You could go by bus…there would be no fuss from us! Yes! Go away by bus! There is always a plane…grab a horse by the mane! Go in the rain…we have everything to gain if you go on a plane!!! You could go at dusk riding an elephants’ tusk all the way to Lusk!! No, they do not want you in Lusk, not even riding an elephants’ tusk at dusk! You should go by Uber while eating some goober peas….just please go, please!

  2. How sad to wish someone to kill himself… the man doesn’t need to b in office of any kind … but there has been too many deaths already … but don’t allow that hateful man cause u to want death for anyone much less take their own life… God be with u!

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