BREAKING: Fox News Gets Terrible News – Hosts Attacked…

Shepard Smith said in a CNN interview that his former colleagues at Fox News “propagated lies” and that he didn’t know how some of them could sleep at night.

Smith said he considered himself a more truthful alternative to others on Fox News even though he reported on false stories like the Russia collusion narrative and generally perpetuated all the same lies about President Donald Trump that the mainstream liberal media did.

Even knowing now that the Steele dossier was fake and that the FBI falsely targeted Trump for years when they knew they had no evidence, Smith had the gall to say, “I believe that when people begin with a false premise and lead people to astray, that’s injurious to society, and it’s the antithesis of what we should be doing.”

“I hope that at some point, those who have done us harm as a nation, and I might even add as a world, will look around and realize what they have done, but I’m not holding my breath,” he said.

Maybe try looking in a mirror sometime.

Read the full story here.

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