BREAKING: Fox News Drops Limbaugh Bombshell – 30 Years Ago, He…

In a tribute to Rush Limbaugh, who died Wednesday of complications from lung cancer, Tucker Carlson said that Limbaugh had dealt with corporate censorship 30 years ago, long before it became a daily news item.

Carlson started out by playing a clip of Limbaugh talking about American exceptionalism and where it came from.

Unlike so many Americans today, Carlson said, Limbaugh actually read the founding documents and understood them, and “that was a threat to the people who want to be more powerful than the Constitution allows, so they tried to silence him. We think of corporate censorship as a new phenomenon, but Rush Limbaugh was fighting it 30 years ago and winning.”

Carlson then played a clip of Limbaugh on 60 Minutes in 1991: “I think I just happen to be saying what a whole lot of people think that don’t have the chance to say themselves. That’s why they call me the most dangerous man in America. Somebody is finally saying this stuff.”

And he did say it better than anyone else in the talk business, for more than 30 years.

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