BREAKING: Fox News Confirms Shocker – Fans Cheering…

Despite the best efforts of the liberal mainstream media, Fox News blew away its competition on January 6th, according to recent ratings reports.

Fox News brought in a whopping 1.6 million total viewers on January 6th despite the mass hysteria around the one-year anniversary of the Capitol riot.

These recent numbers further prove that Fox News is the go-to source of news for Americans. The mainstream media has worn out its welcome with Americans, and no amount of propaganda will change that.

Furthermore, the ratings that Fox is pulling demonstrate that Americans are not buying the narrative that Democrats are selling.

The January 6th protest at the Capitol was an unfortunate event that Democrats have done everything in their power to turn into a political cudgel to use against Republicans.

Democrats know that without January 6th, they have nothing they can use against Republicans going into the midterm elections. Now it seems even January 6th isn’t going to save Democrats when the election comes around.

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