[BREAKING]: Fox News Confirms It – Joe Biden Is DONE

Fox News co-host of The Five Greg Gutfeld said on the show Friday that Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden was “toast” because of recent statements Biden made about abortion.

On Friday, Biden withdrew his support for the Hyde Amendment, which mandates that federal funds not be used to pay for abortions. Biden had supported the Hyde Amendment since its inception but has flip-flopped back and forth on it in recent weeks.

“I think he is actually toast, I really do, I think that this is going to push him out the door.  The more people see of him the less they like him,” Gutfeld said.

Co-host Jesse Watters agreed and noted that although the mainstream media has said Biden had a great launch for his campaign, in reality “it hasn’t been smooth.”

Watters speculated that Biden might flip-flop on other issues like the Iraq war or health care for illegal immigrants. “I think his launch has been awful,” he reiterated.

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