BREAKING: Fox News Confirms Fears – Swamp Corruption Bombshell

Steve Hilton, host on Fox News Channel, is blasting the “swamp corruption” of the current government establishment.

“We must realize what we are up against,” said the fired up Hilton. “This is a zombie establishment, the undead establishment. They just keep on coming, whatever we do, however we vote. How do you kill a zombie? Decapitation is considered the safest technique, and that’s what we have to do to America’s establishment: cut off the source of their power — the rigged system they’ve built for themselves.”

Hilton said a special investigator would be insufficient and argued “Watergate-style” hearings would be needed:

We need not just a fishing expedition but a giant troll to uncover the workings of the swamp so we can blow the whole thing out of its disgusting, murky water. Even a special counsel isn’t enough. We need Watergate-style Senate hearings to expose the swamp and advance anti-corruption reforms. That’s just the start.

To read more about Hilton’s comments, click here.

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