BREAKING Fox News BUSTED – I Can’t Believe They Did This

CNN claims that they have busted Fox News for blacklisting guests who appear on news start-up Newsmax TV.

CNN’s Brian Stelter claims, “Producers on some Fox programs have been told to monitor Newsmax’s guest bookings and throw some sand in Newsmax’s gears by encouraging guests who appear on both channels to stop saying yes to the upstart.”

Encouraging is a more palatable way of saying that guests were threatened with being cut off from appearances on Fox News if they continued to make appearances on a growing competitor.

Stelter continued saying, “Producers were told to avoid some regular guests if they kept showing up on Newsmax after being encouraged to stop.”

Fox News has denied this, but Fox has left its audience very few reasons to trust them. Fox News destroyed most of their credibility with their election night shenanigans and their fumbled response to legitimate criticism.

Fox News is beginning to look more and more like controlled opposition for the left, and they have referred to viewers of Newsmax and One American News Network as “far-right” and “fringe.” The line is blurring between Fox and CNN, and it may be high time that they get some real competition for conservative views.

Read the full story here.

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