BREAKING: Fox News Announcement – Dems CRUSHED

Fox News beat out its cable news competitors in the ratings during all five days of the televised impeachment hearings, narrowly surpassing MSNBC and thumping CNN.

Fox News had an average 0f 2.5 million viewers during the hearings while MSNBC had 2.48 million. CNN came in a dismal third with only 1.68 million viewers during that time period.

Fox News has covered the impeachment hearings in a mostly favorable way, although the network does have a few never-Trump hosts like Juan Williams (who is a Democrat) and Chris Wallace (who just often sounds like one where the president is concerned).

The televised hearings featured mostly second-hand witnesses including several seemingly disgruntled former officials like fired Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch.

Some conservative pundits have suggested that administration witnesses were upset that President Donald Trump didn’t use them and their expertise to run his foreign policy. Many of them belonged to the deep state and may have been secretly working against Trump or leaking information about him to the press.

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