BREAKING: Fox Host Share Tragic Health Update – Fans Stunned

A popular Fox News host just shared a tragic health update and millions of Americans are stunned. Fans from across the nation can’t believe it.

“Our leaders and public health experts are clearly guided — some of them anyway — by politics,” said Tucker Carlson referring to COVID-19 restrictions. Liberal Democrats, in particular, certainly aren’t following the science.

Carlson started with the guidance on “social distancing,” which law-abiding Americans accepted at first. “We assumed they knew best,” he said. “Six feet from each other. That was social distancing. It was the law, and most of us followed that law.”

But it went on and on and on for months on end. What started as “two weeks to bend the curve” became something entirely different. Businesses and schools were being closed. Mask mandates went into effect in most states.

America itself was in various stages of lockdown, especially in “blue states” run by Democrat governors and mayors. Carlson called into question the knowledge of these elites as they tried to fight this unpredictable virus.

“Who did the scientific research that determined six feet was the safest distance apart from other people that you could be?” Carlson asked. “Somebody should have asked that question last spring. But as far as we know, nobody did ask it.”

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2 Responses

  1. I just want the truth. We don’t know enough about Covid19 to be making so many judgement calls. Fauci is a fake.

  2. Stick had to be fake, in the first place he was the head honcho who ran that’s experimental researche. He gave the Obama administration the green light to proceed with research in Wuhan, China. His hands and busy fingers are
    all covered with blood of all the victims worldwide deaths.
    He knew that this experiment is lethal and dangerous, yet
    gave the $$$$ anyway along with Bill Gates. Then Hates
    along with the WHO in United Nation were aware as well.
    Gates puts the money for the vaccine investments.
    The rest is history to now. Media looks the other way on how there pandemic consequences.

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