BREAKING: Fox Host Reveals HUGE Secret – Not a Conservative…

Tucker Carlson said Friday that so-called conservative pollster Frank Luntz is actually a liberal and is giving advice to Republicans form a liberal point of view.

“Frank Luntz is a conventional liberal. His main clients are left-wing corporations like Google,” Carlson said. “When Frank Luntz gives advice to congressional Republicans, he has got Google’s perspective in mind. That’s a huge problem.”

Carlson alleged that it was Luntz’s close relationship with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) that kept him on the radar of Republicans.

A recent Luntz Republican focus group was characterized by him as being pro-immigration, supporting the Dream Act and the rights of Dreamers to have a path to citizenship.

Carlson called the contention “pretty close to fraud” and suggested that the Republicans should not listen to Luntz in the future. “He wants instead to pretend that his personal opinions are established fact and that the Republican Party had better listen to them and obey,” he said.

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