BREAKING: Fox Host Exposes Truth About Shaking Joe Biden – White House Furious

Fox News host Tucker Carlson broke down President Biden’s national address and tore into not just Biden but also his fawning lackeys in the mainstream media.

Carlson opened his show, saying, “There are a lot of stories we could have opened with tonight and we talked about it. But in the end, we couldn’t get our minds off of Joe Biden’s COVID speech. Did you see that last night? The one where he seems so sad about the lockdowns that have crushed businesses and kept kids out of school, an entire generation, he said, had driven so many to suicide, yet never once mentioned or even hinted that he and his party were the very forces behind those lockdowns.”

Democrats have been busying, hiding the role they played in the lockdowns that destroyed the economy and thousands of lives. Biden’s dishonesty and lack of acknowledgment of his party’s actions are insulting to the thousands who suffered at the hands of terrible Democrat policies.

Carlson then covered the mainstream media reaction to Biden’s speech, saying, “Over at CNN, however, they didn’t see it, or maybe they did see it and they didn’t care. CNN always did love Brezhnev. In any case, the usual chorus of toadies strained for a high note last night. Watch them tell you how wonderful the speech was, as if you didn’t have a TV and didn’t see it for yourself.”

The coverage of Biden’s speeches is a marked departure from the coverage of former President Trump. Carlson continued saying, “It probably doesn’t matter what Joe Biden actually said. He could have called for the bombing of Toronto and CNN’s panel of trained seals would still enthusiastically applaud it. It’s their job to enthusiastically applaud what Joe Biden says.”

Biden’s speech demonstrates that Biden is not 100% there, and he is looking more and more like a figurehead. Furthermore, the mainstream media have switched from aggressively resisting the President to becoming a propaganda wing of Biden’s administration.

Read the full story here.

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5 Responses

  1. God Bless Our President Trump — at the moment there isni one in President Trumps office – its waiting for him

  2. it is very difficult to comprehend the severe damage done to our country by biden who is the dems puppet. we seriously need our fearless leader president trump back so he can make our country great again. this whole mess by the dems is beyond disgraceful and god help us.

  3. Is there any way he can be impeached? The “houseplant” has the powers that be on his side. I wonder how much each will receive when they sell our country to China.

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