BREAKING: Fox Host Exposes Biden CIA Bombshell – Video Proves…

On Tuesday’s show, FNC’s Tucker Carlson probed the “woke” CIA recruiting ad, questioning whether the agency is still doing its job properly.

The ad highlights a female CIA staffer who proudly says she’s “a cisgender millennial” and a Latina mom with an anxiety disorder; she’s “intersectional” but not a “box-checker.”

“At Joe Biden’s CIA, the spies talk mostly about themselves,” Carlson commented. “You can just imagine what the job interviews must be like. Tell us about yourself, and please don’t ever stop.”

Carlson then said jokingly, “Maybe the intersectional lady with the emotional problems is in fact, a deep-cover operative. Think about that. It makes sense actually.”

It’s not really a suprise that Biden’s progressive cronies would try to make the CIA woke, but it probably won’t be much of a benefit to the organization.

Read the full story here.


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