BREAKING: Fox Host Confirms Worst Fears – Biden Plans To…

A popular Fox News host just confirmed the nation’s worst fears. President Joe Biden plans to do something awful — in fact, he has already started.

During a recent broadcast of “Life, Liberty & Levin,” Mark Levin — a constitutional scholar and former Reagan administration official — said that Democrats were trying “to ram through the most aggressive, radical agenda in American history.”

He said that effort is “moving at lightning speed” under a slim Democrat majority. He reminded viewers that Democrats only have a five-member majority in the House and there is a 50/50 partisan split in the Senate.

The only reason why Democrats are able to get anything through the Senate is due to Vice President Kamala Harris’s ability “to break the tie votes.” And they are doing it rapidly with Biden leading the charge.

This latest COVID-19 “stimulus” bill was a tragedy. While it included direct payments to struggling Americans, a vast majority of the legislation had absolutely nothing to do with the pandemic; it was full of left-wing goodies.

Our tax dollars are now bailing out Democrat-led states that handled the pandemic poorly. We even gave money to public schools, even though most of the funds from the last stimulus remain unspent and many schools refuse to open.

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  1. The Republicans in those democrat run states need to be talking to them about making sure those baby killers and letting those illegals in will never be voted in again. Because next time they use fraud and not let people go and vote and show ID to them then republicans will not take their crap anymore. I wouldn’t want to be a democrat in a few more years the good Lord may make them and extincted species.

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