BREAKING: Florida Election Bombshell – Trump Is Smiling

The State of Florida dropped a bombshell on Democrats by passing an election integrity bill that will combat the issues that came up during the 2020 presidential election.

Florida is the latest state to implement common-sense measures like Voter ID and limiting vote-by-mail to prevent voter fraud. The bill, SB 90, is on its way to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), who will undoubtedly sign it.

The bill was passed by the Florida Senate 23-17 and the House 77-40. Of course, the bill has received hefty criticism from Democrats who are determined to fight election integrity bills with everything they have.

Florida State Representative Omari Hardy (D) said, “We are not here because we have a problem with our elections. We are here because the Republican former president lost his re-election in November, and, rather than admitting his defeat, he spun a web of lies, radicalized those lies, in an attempt to explain away the loss.”

Democrats refuse to acknowledge that there are legitimate concerns about election security, and those issues must be addressed.

Democrats spent years talking about alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, but they oppose election security measures like SB 90. Despite their vehement protests, Florida will be another state where it is “easy to vote, hard to cheat.”

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23 Responses

  1. How unfortunate all states do not follow this policy. Democrats know they cannot win without cheating, they are all unscrupulous cheating immoral liars. 2020 election proved it and spineless republicans didn’t fight them. Now HR1 is their new ploy. Any democrat who votes for this needs to be thrown out of office.

    1. All states should do this because we all know it was stolen from Trump no matter what you think he is the best President ever the Demon Rats lie cheat and steal get them out they are destroying America no show joe

    2. The only way that we will ever have another fair and honest election, is if more states make it easy to vote but harder to cheat, because there is a difference in voting and voter fraud.

  2. Omari Hardy (D) is well aware of the voter fraud schemes the democrats put in place. he also knows that in a few years when the voter fraud is completely uncovered no body will remember his lying statements.

    I wish a honest reporter would keep track of all these statements from all these democrats and then list them out each time more voter fraud is found.

    Laws to make elections more secure will always be good. the fact so many democrats oppose these laws tell you everything you need to know about their voter fraud.

    Now eliminate motor / voter laws and make it illegal to give an illegal a drivers license. Get them off the voter registration. then make a national voter registration so that the states can not allow people to vote in place of people who have left their states.

    The new democrat game is to keep a list of people who left the state. collect up their ballots and voter for them. it is the same as the dead people vote but with people who have moved.

    Democrats spend time planing these ways to cheat you know.

  3. You are required to show picture ID at least 2X to board a plane
    ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”
    ” ” ” ” ” ” ” least once to pick up tkts for a game
    ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” Broadway Show
    ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”purchase liquor/beer

    Go ahead and add your experiences when you must show picture ID !
    Voting: it should always be mandatory to show your pix ID ! Unless you are hiding something!??

    1. I have to show my Military ID just to buy groceries. (On base)
      I have ALWAYS had to show my ID when voting! In 3 different states over 50 years!
      Have to show ID buying alcohol. I’m a Grandma.
      I have to show ID to purchase some otc medications, when I go to the Drs. office, when I pick up a postal package, when I cash a check. I need my work, picture ID to get in the building at work and clock in. I could probably go on and on. To me it’s just a normal, common sense rule.

      1. Our Democrat governor did away with voter ID just before the presidential election. I wonder why? Most everybody has a ID. If nothing else, they have a drivers licence which is a good ID. Some states, like California are even issuing drivers licences to the illegals so they can vote.

  4. Anyone who votes for a Dem is taking part in the destruction of America and our Constitution, along with the Bill of Rights.

  5. So with all of truth coming out finally, on the voter fraud. Wouldn’t it be good to get the proper President in the White House before that fraud and his ridiculous VP, destroy more than what they already have??

  6. All states should do this because we all know it was stolen from Trump no matter what you think he is the best President ever the Demon Rats lie cheat and steal get them out they are destroying America no show joe

  7. Pick up a package at the post office
    Or sign for delivery with Ups or
    Buy beer at the local package store!!

  8. Plausible deniability— that’s what the dems do about nearly everything they don’t like. Lie, spew untruths as long as they can, trying to change peoples minds, until the truth is proven, and even then there are some die hard liars out there.

  9. I love my state’s politics! I pray liberals escaping from NY and moving here don’t ruin it for us. Common sense should tell liberals if they are leaving a state for their problems, they shouldn’t bring them with them….but who ever said liberals have any common sense? Way to go DeSantis……AGAIN!

  10. Some people just can’t face the truth. Spinning falsehoods is much easier than accepting a defeat. Show the proof of wrongdoing. I mean physical, in my hand proof.

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  12. Exactly correct, they could not win without election fraud. Voter ID was required for years and should be a mandatory requirement now. There afraid they’ll lose .

  13. We need to put the TRUE elected president in office. EVERYONE knows that President Trump won the election HANDS DOWN.
    Why is it the lying, cheating , corrupted, loud mouthed , destroyers of our beautiful country are not getting impeached??? There are not enough republicans with the guts to do the same thing to Biden as the left did to President Trump! As stated by Trump there are too many republicans STILL LEFT IN THE PARTY who still hate him. There are plenty of swamp people in both parties. The ones still getting their palms greased by the corrupted big money. The old fogies who refuse to retire at 80 plus because the greedy NEVER have enough. How come term policies never take place even though the voters ALWAYS vote for them???? Lots of reasons. The no.1 reason, GREED & corruption is still alive and will always win out over the choice of the people. They find ways to fill their pockets with help from the big wigs who are right there cashing in with them.
    I guess this post will never be seen as I believe I will get censored too!!

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