BREAKING: First Amendment REVERSAL – Congressional Announcement Shocks…

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) is going after Big Tech and the Democrat party over their First Amendment attacks.

Representative Jordan explained the situation in Congress, saying, “The canceled culture issue, this idea that you know, I always asked it this way, do you have a functioning First Amendment when only one side is allowed to talk?” Jordan continued. “Do you have free speech when only the left can define what can be said?”

Furthermore, Representative Jordan called out Democrats for breaking protocol to ram through bills in the House. Jordan continued saying, “They pass radical things like defund the police, federal control of elections, and now an amnesty bill without having the kind of hearings you’re supposed to have on Capitol Hill in the United States Congress.”

It has been nearly four months since Democrats took control of both Congress and the Presidency, and already the attacks on the First Amendment are reaching new heights.

Jordan is right to ask questions and call out Democrats for pushing cancel culture that has done so much damage to the First Amendment.

Thanks to his position on the House Judiciary Committee, Representative Jordan is in a good place to reverse the course of events that have led to the First Amendment’s degradation. It is long past time for Republicans like Jordan to repudiate Cancel Culture.

Read the full story here.

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8 Responses

  1. Thank you, Rep.Jordan, for standing up for the Constitutional rights of U.S citizens. This is very important to this country. We support and pray for all who back you in Congress.

  2. Thank you for having the guts to fight back against Pelosi and Democrats and Big tec. Pray for total success.

  3. Nice to hear, but talk is talk and real action with results are what count. I have watched this charade for 30 years between the donkey’s and elephants and it just keeps getting worse.

  4. We need many more Jim Jordan’s! The democrats/corporate rulers of America are only interested in lining their pockets, i.e., look at how many congressmen are millionaires (hint; they didn’t get there on their salaries). Now that they’ve usurped the legitimate government and with only a handful of “Jordans” fighting for us, we need to prepare for the next round of votes needed to oust these scoundrels, else we’re doomed.

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