BREAKING: Fighters Jets Deployed After Nuclear Announcement – Nation Stunned

Turkey is deploying fighter jets to Azerbaijan after Azerbaijan threatened to bomb an Armenian nuclear power plant.

Azerbaijan and Armenia are caught up in an escalating conflict as the two nations have been facing off for a long time. Armenia claims Azerbaijani territory because of the population of ethnic Armenians.

In early April, the two countries’ armed forces engaged in a skirmish that left 16 dead soldiers on both sides of the conflict.

Without intervention, it seems the two countries are headed for full military conflict and Turkey is only adding to the problem as they have promised Azerbaijan assistance in case of war. The threats against Armenia from Azerbaijan and Turkey stir up 100-year-old memories of the Armenian genocide waged by the Turks.

Turkish F-16 fighter jets arrived in Azerbaijan to participate in joint military exercises. Those exercises will continue until August 10th.

The threats made to bomb the Armenian nuclear plant are of particular concern for all Middle Eastern countries as there is no telling the extent of the damage that such an action could create.

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