BREAKING: Fighter Planes Ordered To ATTACK – Middle East Devastated…

British military fighter planes conducted a five-day bombing campaign against Islamic State (IS) targets in Iraq last week, the Royal Air Force announced on Monday.

The Ministry of Defense said Typhoon fighter planes conducted the airstrikes and that Storm Shadow missiles and Paveway IV guided bombs were used.

IS fighters hiding in caves were targeted, as well as some in Northern Iraq, during the strikes.

All of the bombs were believed to have hit their targets and no civilians were observed in the areas that were struck.

The UK is still part of the war on Iraq that is ongoing and has been going on since 2001.

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  1. It would be so amazing if your site was just factual without the false sensational come-on leads to very disappointing stories of mostly unrelated content. Intelligent people want factual and accurate news and appropriate headlines. I am resorting to deleting most of your emails as spam.

  2. Absolutely AGREE tired of misleading headlines that are not really related to the stories. With the pop ups you can’t get rid of have me ready to unsubscribe. This site has liberal author’s big lies followed up with little satisfaction.

  3. I haven’t decided to cancel yet – may just ignore your posts for the present time. But I too am sick of the sensational misleading/false headlines designed to suck us in to blasé articles!

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