BREAKING: Felony Charges Dropped – It’s Over

Undercover journalist David Daleiden is on the hunt for justice. And recently, he had five felony charges dropped against him.

Daleiden is still facing nine more felony charges in connection to his undercover operation’s exposure of Planned Parenthood’s practices of selling baby body parts.

Daleiden has faced a furious backlash fueled by money from Planned Parenthood and Planned Parenthood associates. His work showed that Planned Parenthood was selling body parts at serious profits, which is information the public deserved to know.

Daleiden also broke no laws in relation to his undercover journalism, recording statements made by officials in public places.

Peter Breen, a legal representative for Daleiden said, “This prosecution by the State of California is an abuse of the justice system, and we are confident that, in the end, we will totally vindicate David.”

The actions of the California authorities really are a disgrace. The fact that any judge allowed these charges against a journalist is an affront to our justice system.

Read the full story here.

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