BREAKING: Felony Charges Announced – Facing YEARS In Prison

New England Patriots owner and football legend Robert Kraft is facing years in prison over a sex charge.

Kraft was charged with two misdemeanor counts of soliciting a prostitute in Jupiter, Florida. Kraft was caught by a human trafficking investigation.

While the legal case has been back and forth, this is a huge development. Prosecutors are going all in after Kraft.

If prosecutors succeed in prosecuting Kraft he will spend five years in prison. Kraft’s position is a huge factor in the aggressive prosecution.

The elevation of the misdemeanors to a felony is an unprecedented move. However, an NFL owner caught soliciting a prostitute is also unprecedented.

Kraft is fighting a legal battle against the state of Florida, one he will likely win. However, the NFL will likely penalize him heavily. This controversy has cost them money and Kraft will have to account for that. He may even have to do it from a prison cell.

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