BREAKING: Federal Judge Says ‘YES’ To Trump – Pelosi LOST

Washington-based U.S. Judge Trevor McFadden issued a stay against a court order forcing President Donald Trump to turn over his business tax returns to House Democrats, saying that he wants to wait until a case about congressional subpoenas is resolved by the DC appeals court.

When the court decides whether Trump can invoke executive privilege in order to not have Don McGahn testify in the impeachment hearings, it seems that McFadden reasons that decision will inform the decision about whether Trump’s tax returns are able to be seen.

The appeals court is expected to rule by the end of the month on the subpoena.

Trump’s legal team is asking for the case involving his tax returns to be dismissed, saying that the court doesn’t have jurisdiction to resolve disputes between Congress and the White House involving the information.

It has made the same claims in the McGahn subpoena case.

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