BREAKING: FBI To Make Move On Biden – Announcement Shocks Nation

The FBI could be making a move against Hunter Biden. This announcement has shocked millions of people across the nation — people are stunned that it’s all going down with less than 15 days until the November election.

“So I just sent another letter yesterday because the FBI has a duty to inform us if they believe this was maybe Russia disinformation,” said Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) referring to the bombshell story on Hunter’s laptop and emails.

Johnson said the FBI must “tell us” about whether the information is authentic or from the Russians for national security purposes. By extension, the agency must also come forward with an explanation of the whistleblower.

Specifically, without naming the whistleblower, Johnson wants to know if this individual provided accurate or fraudulent information. If it is the latter, “that would also be a crime and the FBI should tell us that,” he said.

The controversy surrounds a set of emails purportedly sent between Hunter and an executive at Burisma Holdings. At least of this discussion is about a meeting that took place with the involvement of former Vice President Joe Biden.

Allegedly, the Democratic presidential candidate met with “a senior official from Ukrainian energy company” and Johnson is trying to determine if this is true. But the FBI continues to stonewall him and other Republican lawmakers.

Read the full story here.

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