BREAKING: FBI Shocks Biden – Investigation Bombshell Stuns Nation

It has been confirmed by Biden insider Tony Bobulinski that the FBI is conducting an investigation into Hunter Biden and his overseas activities.

Bobulinski said that he had been questioned by six FBI agents for 5 hours and is a “material witness.” Apparently the FBI is conducting a full blown investigation into Hunter Biden which could completely shake up the presidential race.

The FBI agents didn’t just interview Bobulinski, they also examined three cell phones that Bobulinski provided to the agents although Bobulinski declined to clarify what they were looking for precisely.

Democrats have claimed that the story about Hunter Biden is a big nothing burger but this latest report by Bobulinski contradicts that narrative.

Furthermore, there is a good chance that any investigation into Hunter Biden will likely involve his father, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, as Biden Senior has been confirmed to have been involved in Hunter’s activities.

As the story stands now it appears that Hunter was selling access to the White House through his father. If the FBI discovers actionable proof then the Biden’s could be in serious trouble.

Read the full story here.

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