BREAKING: FBI Reversal Shocks Nation – Flynn Prosecution Will…

Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was the victim of an overzealous FBI investigation. And now the prosecution against him may be reversed and he could stand exonerated of all wrongdoing.

Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) said, “We knew from essentially day one, early on in 2017, and that he [Flynn] was innocent. How do we know that? Because the top officials at the FBI told us so. This wasn’t rocket science.”

Flynn was innocent from day one and politically motivated FBI agents misled him in an effort to get him fired.

Nunes didn’t stop at exposing the FBI’s leadership, he also tore into the mainstream media that didn’t do their jobs.

“From the very beginning, the media was in on this. They covered up our report. We had to fight with the FBI and the DOJ so that we could get the General Flynn information unredacted, declassified.”

Democrats have been distracting and obfuscating for the entirety of the Trump presidency. The real crimes were the actions of the deep state in trying to take President Trump down. The swamp still needs to be drained.

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